5 Most followed sports in the world

In this era of technology we don’t see kids going out anymore, playing in the streets instead using their smartphones for hours and hours watching some crappy videos or playing some video games. I am not saying that Video games don’t help shape your mind and helps your decision making ability but outdoor games are way more important because healthy body reflects healthier mind. Sports play an important role in our lives. From the early youth years where we consider dons important to the later years in life where we consider it as an interest, a wellness custom, and in some cases even a calling. Today in all aspects of the world some game is enthusiastically taken after. Individuals take their donning saints as their good examples and frequently have enthusiastic connection with their most loved games stars and games groups. Individuals in various districts of the world have diverse most loved games. This makes positioning the games a significant testing and troublesome employment. This is precisely why it is difficult to find out the dependability and exactness of various games drills down there.

Here, it is essential to know precisely what do we mean by most prominent games. "Popular" could signify "most watched sports," "most played games," or "most income creating sports". Be that as it may, in all trustworthiness it is unjustifiable to rank the games by notoriety, on the off chance that we take only maybe a couple criteria. But still we have listed down 5 most watched and followed world sports.

1>    Football or soccer (as Americans like to call it!)

Affiliation football, ordinarily known as football or soccer, is a game played between two groups of eleven players with a round ball. It is played by 250 million players in more than 200 nations, making it the world`s most prominent game. The diversion is played on a rectangular field with an objective at each end. The goal of the diversion is to score by utilizing any piece of the body other than the arms and hands to get the football into the contradicting objective. The goalkeepers are the main players permitted to touch the ball with their hands or arms while it is in play and after that exclusive in their punishment zone.

2>   Cricket

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two groups of 11 players on a field at the focal point of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. The two contending groups alternate to bat, endeavoring to score runs. While one group is batting, the other group fields. Each turn is known as an innings. Cricket has three distinct organizations i.e. Test, ODIs and T20. After the presentation of T20 organize, the ubiquity of cricket has been expanding radically. Cricket is extremely prevalent in India, Pakistan, Australia, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe

3>    Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular and most played sport. It is played by two teams each consist of five player on a rectangular court. The task is to shoot a ball through a hoop 18 inches in diameter and 10 feet mounted to a back board at each end of the court. A team can score field goal by shooting the ball through the basket during regular play which results in giving them 2 points and rewards those 3 points if any player shoots the ball from beyond the three-pointer-line. The team with the most point by the end of 4th quarter wins. The number of basketball fans range from 2-3 billion making it the 3rd most watched and played sport in the world.

4>    Hockey

Hockey is that particular member from family of sports which is played by 2 teams against each other with 11 players on each side each player tries maneuver or move the ball or puck into opponent team’s goal which ends up rewarding them 1 point with help of hockey stick. In many parts of the world ice hockey or field hockey is just referred to as hockey both forms of hockey are popular in the world whilst field hockey being the national game of Pakistan and India. However, ice hockey is popular in the western side of the world especially in Canada, Europe, USA and Sweden while field hockey is more popular in the eastern side of the world and it’s followed by more 2 billion people from all across the world making it the 4th popular sport of the world.

5>   Tennis

Tennis is a sport that is usually played by 2 people against each other commonly known as “singles” or four people in which there are 2 teams and each team consist of two teams commonly known as “doubles”. Each player uses a racket that’s strung with cord to strike a tennis ball and are supposed to push the ball over the net and into opponent’s court while aiming that opponent player isn’t able to return the ball. It falls number 5 on the with over 1 billion followers in Asia, Europe and America