6 Incredible Tricks to Organize Your Bedroom Kicking Out the Boredom

Is your room untidy? Want to get rid of the untidiness? Organizing your room isn`t time consuming if you know the proper techniques to do it. Use the ideas listed below to get your things organized without wasting too much time. 

1)    Stick on Hooks to Hang your Clothes

Stick on hooks are easily available everywhere and you don`t have to pay a huge sum to avail them.  Purchase hooks you find charming and stick some in your bedroom closet.  Hang jackets, sweaters and other seasonal clothing that you don`t use frequently on the hooks to keep them out off the floor and out of sight.

2)    Use the Space under your Bed

If the space under your bed is empty, you can utilize it to keep the stuff you don`t use often. Get the containers with lids available at many stores with discounts to keep your things safe from dust and so that they don`t get damaged by your pet making them unusable. Similarly you can use an old drawer to keep your shoes, clothes and sentimental stuff inside. Your stuff will be safe and your room will be more organized.

3)    Pegboards are Useful

Pegboards are very useful in organizing things. People use it in their garage but you can use it to organize your room.  Paint or decorate the pegboard according to your need, stick nails or hooks into the pegboard. Hang your necklaces, earing and other jewelry, so you don`t have to spend time searching for the required jewel.

4)    Wall Cubbies and Corner Shelving are Additional Storage Space

Corners are the most unforgotten space savers in your bedroom. Corner shelves are easy to be placed beside your beds and could be used for many purposes such as keeping your favorite decors or photo frames. It helps you organize your room better.

5)    Mirrors make your Room Larger

Hanging oval mirrors on the opposite wall gives the appearance of an extended space if your bedroom is smaller in size. Mirrors are great decorating items as well. Once your room is neat and clean and you look in the mirror it portrays a larger image of your room making you feel that your room is bigger than before.

6)    PVC Pipes in your Closet

PVC pipes are used for plumbing however people with broad thinking can use them for various purposes. Finding your socks or underwear between heaps of cloth is difficult? You can use the small PVC pipes to counter such problems. Collect the small parts of PVC pipes, paint or decorate them and keep your small clothes such as underwear and socks in the pipes. Put PVC pipes in drawers to keep small clothing separated from other items.