6 Things To Consider Before Taking Your Kids To Pumpkin Picking

Fall is one of the best times of the year. There are some interesting family activities that could be enjoyed during the season, from taking advantage of the changing foliage to preparing for festivals such as Halloween. Out of all the activities, pumpkin picking is the most enjoyed activity and soon becomes a tradition. Children love to be a part of this family-friendly activity, as they get chance to play in mud and have lots of fun. 

However, all the new and experienced parents need to keep things in mind before bringing your little one to the pumpkin picking. Today you will be told about things parents should know before taking their kids to pumpkin picking.

1)    Avoid Soft Spots and Cuts

While going to the farms and nurseries, look out for pumpkins with soft spots and cuts in the skin. These are a sign that the flesh has already begun to rot. When you select a pumpkin you like, pick it up and make sure that it is firm all over. If you feel the pumpkin is soft, should keep it back as it is of no use and you let it rot. By avoiding mushiness, you`ll improve your jack-o-lantern`s chances of lasting until Halloween. You should tell your kids about this so they don’t pick the rotten pumpkins otherwise you`ll have to go back to the field to get the right pumpkin.

2)    Choose the Right Shape

If you are selecting pumpkins for decoration purpose select a pumpkin with a flat bottom so that it can stand up right to display your designs. Round shaped pumpkins are best for carving, so if you plan to carve a pumpkin select the round shape. Tell your kids about different shapes and the uses of the shapes to get a clear picture.

3)    Check Out the Stem

The size and strength of the stem are good signs of a strong and healthy squash.  Choose the pumpkin with a stem that is 2 to 3 inches wide. Search for the pumpkin that has green stem because it tells you that the pumpkin has been harvested recently and can be kept for a longer period of time if using for display purpose. 

4)    Find the Heavyweights

When you are picking up a pumpkin feel the size of it, if the pumpkin is heavy, select it there and then because heavy pumpkins are fleshier. It means that it has no decayed as much as the other pumpkins. The heavier the pumpkin the better it will be as it will have the tendency to last longer than you expect and will be good for display. If you plan to have a party and you are cooking dishes related to pumpkin it will be enough to cover all the dishes.

5)    Color is Important

Color is the most important part that should be checked before selecting. The color should be bright orange, if there are variations or brown and green spots you should avoid picking it up. The brown and green pumpkin is either under or over ripe. A pumpkin like this will look unappealing in the decoration and it would be difficult for you to cut it. You won’t be able to cook anything out of it and even if you choose it for decoration purpose it will decay soon and will cause mess and make your decoration awkward.

6)    Avoid Frosty Pumpkins

If you live in a cooler climate, you should take extra wary of frost damage. Cold weather damages flesh and skin, making the pumpkin rot faster and giving it a squishy texture. You have to be extra careful before selecting a pumpkin if you live in cold climates, check the frost damage, the color of the stem and the surrounding areas. If the color is duller than the rest of the pumpkins like if the orange shade id=s dull than the other pumpkins, keep it back. It will help you search the correct pumpkins for your decoration or for your dish.  

These were some of the things parents should explain their kids before they plan to take them for pumpkin picking. Share this with your friends and family to make this Halloween the best one for them!